Our video was a finalist in the Commercials Animation category of the AEAF 2014 festival!

xglim is an app that lets you create ‘spots’ using location services on your phone, so that you can find someone you want reconnect with just by thinking of where you saw them last. Visit xglim.com and check it out!

The reason we did the history of crossed fingers? The xglim people are interested in pushing the gesture of crossing your fingers as something you can use on the street to say, non verbally, find me on xglim. Pretty neat!

This was done as a joint production between David Blackwell (Draw Shoot Move) and Tyronne Curtis of Activate Entertainment (Activate Entertainment). Philip Tyrer made an original composition for this, as well as doing the SFX and final audio mix. We recorded the voice at the excellent absolute audio (Absolute Audio). Thanks to George Lam for the great photo-shoot done at Salt House to get the rotoscope material.

Work Completed

  • Concept Design
  • Storyboard
  • Animatic
  • Script
  • Animation, Rendering, Compositing
  • SFX, Music & Final Audio Mix