Few Are Chosen was the short animated work produced during my time studying for David Blackwell’s Honours Degree in Animation at QUT (Queensland University of Technology). It is ‘Practice-Led Research’, and was designed to be accompanied with an exegesis (basically a thesis for practice-led research). Few Are Chosen was exhibited at QUT several times, as well as an awesome live performance at QCA with Nick Ng,  and at a handful of animation festivals, including the Sodak Animation Festival 2011 in the United States. For his academic performance in completing this degree, David Blackwell received a university medal.

This is a short animation which utilises automatic graphic techniques in the process of animation, as well as a tool to organically develop and suggest visual narrative and structure.


This practice-led research project explores and maps a method for animation production which integrates automatism into the animation production process. This method of production has the purpose of critically diverting attention away from industrial frameworks which were introduced in the 1920′s by American animation studios, and towards utilising automatism, pioneered by André Masson, and intuitive animation techniques used by animators Len Lye and Norman McLaren. The use of a framework for automatism integration engenders a freedom to explore the possibilities and accidental discoveries that arise in practice, which would otherwise be culled in an industrial approach which aims for uniformity of output. This method of production is applied to my project first in a series of developing animation studies, aggregated into a DVD titled “Animation Studies and Experiments”. The developed framework is manifest in the production of a cohesive animated creative work on DVD titled “Few Are Chosen”.


  • Project / animation: David Blackwell.
  • Life Model: Sally Molloy
  • Sound design / recording / guitar: Philip Tyrer
  • Sound design: Chris Buckley
  • Erhu (Chinese Violin): Nick Ng