Doritos Origins: Nacho Cheese is a 3D animated short, 29-seconds long, produced for the Doritos – Make Our Ad competition (2009). It was made entirely – apart from texturing and matte painting – in the open-source 3D production suite, Blender 2.49.

The production of Doritos Origins: Nacho Cheese, was the first collaboration between Philip Tyrer and David Blackwell. These two would-be giants of the digital animation medium met during their time studying Animation at QUT. They always thought it would be good to have a go at a project together, so when the Doritos – Make Our Ad competition revved up again it seemed like a great opportunity to flex their storytelling muscle, 3D chops, and open-source Blender love.


We followed a fairly strict production pathway to achieve this project in a sleepless two weeks. With many ideas to fit into a small space the storyboard was paramount. This was then translated onto a timeline and reviewed for pacing. Blenders Video Editor provided the basis for this process and allowed us to extract frame-accurate shot counts for the animation process.


By the time we hit the animatic we were well into asset creation using the power of Blender’s relative libraries and ftp to be truly collaborative. The process was one of iterative development as animation could be done before assets were completed; with final models being dropped in as they were completed.